The Network Operations Department is pleased to announce the availability of our new Minecraft server, which is available to all Islip staff and students!

How it Works

In order to play on the district’s Minecraft server, you must have a paid Mojang account for the Java-based (PC/Mac) version of Minecraft. Accounts for tablet, console, or the Windows 10 Store version of Minecraft cannot be used.

Currently, an account costs $27 and is available directly from Please note Islip UFSD has no affiliation with Mojang or Minecraft and cannot assist with any account-related transactions.

Once you have a valid account, you must logon to your district-provided e-mail account and send an e-mail to with your Minecraft profile name. This is typically your username in game.

Students can access e-mail via Office 365, at Brief instructions for logging on to Office 365 can be found here.

Access to the server is on a whitelist basis – this means only accounts which have been pre-approved through the above process can connect to the server.

About the Server

The server is currently running Minecraft version 1.11.2; you will need to run that specific version in order to connect.

Access is available from both inside the district and at home. The server address is as show below.

There are two worlds available, one locked to survival mode, and one locked to creative mode. When first logging in to the server, you will zone into the game lobby and can teleport to either world. You may switch between worlds at any time.

Server Rules

Keep in mind you are interacting with other players in the district. Any behavior that would be unacceptable in school is likewise unacceptable online. This includes profane language and bullying among other things.

No griefing! Any action designed to interrupt or otherwise negatively impact another player or the server as a whole is prohibited.

The server has restrictions in place that may limit players’ ability to take certain actions.

Land Claims

All players are entitled to claim a portion of land as their own. By default, claimed land cannot modified by anyone other than the land owner.

Players are initially granted 100 blocks. This initial grant can be claimed by placing a chest in the middle of your desired claim area.

Additional grants are earned based on playtime and can be claimed by using an Iron Spade (shovel). Please see this video for more information.

There are no specific build restrictions on unclaimed land.


No modifications to the Minecraft client are permitted on district-owned PCs.

On personal devices, client-side mods like texture packs or shaders are permitted so long as they do not enable any form of cheating, such as X-Raying for resources, speed hacks, etc.

If you use a map, the server is configured to properly support the “JourneyMap” plugin across all worlds.

Reporting Issues

If you experience or observe inappropriate behavior, please report it to us at, with as much information as possible so we can take appropriate action.

Additionally, any bugs, questions, or suggestions should likewise be sent to the same address, We welcome feedback and want to make this an enjoyable experience for all players.

One Final Note

This is a project that the Network Ops Department put together and is maintaining largely on our own time.  Our ability to keep this server running depends on the behavior of the player community. If addressing negative behavior becomes too time-consuming, we may be forced to close it down. Please keep things fun and respectful, and we’ll keep the server running.

Server Change-Log

3/12/17 – Removed a statistics plugin that caused a crash over the weekend.

4/7/17 – Changed the anti-spam settings to be more forgiving.

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