Technical Support

The Network Operations Department maintains the entirety of the network infrastructure, including end-user devices, wired and wireless networking, firewall/content filtering, Office 365 administration, peripherals, and connectivity to many other 3rd party services. Network Ops is available during school hours to provide technical support for most computer problems you may experience, as well as hardware deployment, software installation, and other general IT support as appropriate.

In order to receive assistance from Network Operations, you must open a support ticket. To do so, click the “Create Ticket” link on the top navigation menu. Please be aware that the more information you provide, the quicker we can respond to and resolve your problem. If you need step-by-step instructions on how to enter a ticket, click here.

Network Operations does not directly provide support for Infinite Campus, however you may open a support ticket and it will be routed appropriately. Alternatively you may contact Michele Finlay in District Office directly.

Network Operations also does not provide training or instruction in using various hardware or software. While we will be happy to answer basic questions if possible, for more detailed assistance – especially with instructional software applications – we recommend you contact the district’s Technology Integration Specialist, Tim Brush.

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